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Cindy Milas, LMHC,

Life Coach, Founder

"I'm Cindy Milas, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach, and Founder of HealthPro Coaching. As a healthcare professional with over 30 years experience working in homes, hospitals, outpatient psychiatric treatment centers, nursing homes, and hospices, I know how challenging it can be to find happiness, fulfillment, and balance as a professional woman, especially in today's troubled healthcare system. I loved my career as a psychotherapist but over time, working demanding jobs in sometimes toxic workplaces, trying to balance multiple life challenges, and living with autoimmune disease, all took a toll on my happiness, job satisfaction, health, and wellbeing. I knew something had to give, but the demands of my job weren't going to change. I knew that if I was going to regain my health and be the person and professional I wanted to be, I had to take CONTROL over my own wellness and make the COMMITMENT to myself to redesign my life. That simple decision was a GAME CHANGER for me. Now, I've moved beyond simply "surviving" to THRIVING at home and at work. That's why I founded HealthPro Coaching. I'm committed to helping healthcare practitioners and other professional women obtain the insights and skills they need to bounce back from burnout, maximize their potential, and achieve greater success, fulfillment, balance, and resilience in their professional and personal lives."

Cindy earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Arts in Gerontology. She's been a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor since 1999. Cindy completed her ICF accredited Laser-Focused Coaching Intensive Training through Life Coaching Group under Marion Franklin, MCC-internationally renowned Master Certified Coach, speaker, and author of "The HeART of Laser-Focused Coaching."

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I felt completely supported throughout the coaching process. which helped me to work through my true intentions with the goals I had set. During the sessions with Cindy, I made connections that never would have occurred to me without coaching. It was eye-opening to notice even small behavior changes and how gratifying that felt. Thank-you Cindy!

Debra-Retired Human Resource Executive

Cindy's coaching is essential to any human services professional and personal giver who needs to bounce back from burnout and compassion fatigue, set healthy boundaries, and develop resiliency in their personal and professional life. I highly recommend Cindy as an insightful coaching professional and thought partner!!

Cheryl Susman-ADHA Coach, Educational Therapist

Transforming Parents Lives

Cindy 's capacity to get to the core of a challenge, her depth and insights, and her capacity to connect the dots are extremely powerful tools to support you in your personal and professional growth as a woman striving to live a more fulfilled and balanced life. A resourceful partner I highly recommend."

Alessia-Recruitment Manager

I purchased a package of coaching sessions from Cindy and want to buy another! Cindy is calm and supportive yet wasn't afraid to ask some powerful questions to help me discover what was blocking me from reaching my goals.  Recent sessions focused on how to deal with all of the change and  job unknowns with COVID-19 and how to go forward. I would start the sessions stressed and end calm and balanced...and that feeling would last. I highly recommend Cindy as a coach."

Kathy-General Manager

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